Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Week 57: October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!!!!!!

         I'm so happy that Halloween is today, because since Monday is our day off persay we don't have to go out working and get mistaken as older boys dressed up as the Mormons.  So that is great, Also it is so crazy that tomorrow is November!  Ah time is moving fast, way to fast.  Oh and today for our pday all the missionaries in east Jacksonville are getting together and carving pumpkins and playing games so that will be a blast.  I'll try to include photos. 

          So I recently received a note from someone commenting on the lack of words in my emails (cough cough my mother). But she's right so this email I will put forth more effort and it will be better, at least I think it will be.  I'm no avid writer like JR Tolkien, or Paul, or Shakespeare, or William Tindale, or Mormon.  But I will try my very best.  So after receiving a few suggestions I feel this weeks letter might be the best yet.

        So first off I have to say the weather right now is perfect, it is warm and a little humid but not overbearing.  It is nice to step outside and feel a nice cool breeze or warmth from the sun.  On top of that I love the area that I am assigned to, i have been here in east Jacksonville near the beach in a area called fort Caroline.  I love Jacksonville so much, it is a great city with tons of people.  A lot of them are really nice to us and let us share our special message of Christ and the restoration of he gospel. 

        Since as missionaries we don't have too much spare time a lot of the members of our congregation invite over for meals and take us out to eat.  I have to say, I love southern food so so much.  A couple days ago some members took us to bonos BBQ, "If it ain't a pit, it ain't legit". Pit BBQ is the best, plus all of the fried appetizers.  I have come to love them all.  We had fried okra which taste so good, fried squash, onion rings, and corn nuggets.  Corn nuggets is like a fried ball of sweet corn and is by far my favorite.  Ahhh, my mouth is just watering talking about this.  Plus i love me some grits, i eat grits a lot when we are just at our apartment.  

         One thing that I have been thinking about recently is how the gospel can change individuals.  If you remember I mention this experience a while ago when I started my mission is jax beach we taught a guy who threatened to kill me and my companion, ps he was drunk.  And we met with him more often and he didn't understand why.  As he started to listen he changes.  Eventually to where he became sober.  Then I got transferred to a different area.  Recently now being back near the beaches I found out that the missionaries stoped gong by to see him because he wasn't calling the, back and wasn't home.  One day last week we stoped by a Papa Johns to pick up a pizza, when I saw him.  He immediately recognized me and thanked me for sharing the gospel with him, I set up a time for the missionaries assigned to his area to go back and teach him and he has been doing great.  I'm grateful to have seen first hand god take a man who went through a lot of trial turn back to Christ and find hope.  He has found a new path and is working on become clean again and coming unto Christ.

        Well, I hope y'all have a great week.  Remember that God loves you!


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