Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Week 64: December 19, 2016

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!

         Oh my I can't believe it will be christmas in a few short 6 days.  Time has gone by too quick, next thing we know it will be 2017.  But anyways on with the shenanigans of my weekly letter.  First with it being Christmas I get to FaceTime my family for a little bit!  I'm super excited for that, it has been 7 months since I talked to them by voice.  So that will be awesome!

           In other news life here in Florida is great, I'm loving every second of it.  Elder Wilson and I have seen many miracles this past week.  I'll share one of them real quickly.  We were out knowing doors and were not having much success after about an hour.  We were going to stop and go have dinner, but we felt like we should just keep going.  A little bit latter we knocked into a woman who had just gone through a recent tragedy in her family.  It was amazing to see that God had prepared her and led us to her the very minute she was ready.  She told us that she knew us knocking on her door was a sign from God.  I'm so grateful that God prepares many of his chrildren and that we have the opportunity to share the gospel with the,.  I can't wait to see her grow and progress in the gospel!  #Miricles

          So one great things this week was this past Saturday, here in the south there are many many different churches.  There is a Christian church right next to ours.  And on Saturday they do drive thru prayers.  The other missionaries in the ward had a baptism this past Saturday, and after it we decided to go to the drive thru prayer.  We pulled up and they walk up to your car and ask what you need a prayer for.  It was awesome, they prayed for our families back home and prayed that we would see success when sharing the gospel.  It was a super awesome experience, they were super nice and it made my day!

         One thing I love about this year is the Christmas lights, and a lot of people here put some up.  So it has been awesome at night as we bike or drive by all the lights.  I just can't wait for Christmas, it is definitely my favorite time of year.  So I'm so grateful for this time of year where we get to remember the great blessing Jesus is in our lives.  I'm so grateful that he was willing to come to earth and die for us.  I love my savior and am so grateful for this gospel.  

          Hope y'all have a great week!  And have a merry merry Christmas!!!!

Photo from the Missionary Leadership Council from this past week

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