Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Week 61: November 28, 2016

Happy Happy Monday,

            Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving, mine was awesome.  Except for the days following thanksgiving.  Long story short I got food poisoning, and then got a small cold.  So that has been fun to deal with but I'm super grateful for 2 things now because of it.  First is modern medicine.  Second is e power of the priesthood, I asked the other elders I'm with right now for a blessing.  And I can say it isn't gone, but I received a lot of comfort from god to help me endure through it.  And it is leaving my body quick.  So that has been a great blessing for me.

              One awesome thing from this week was the other missionaries in our congregation had a baptism this weekend.  It was awesome to be able to see her take a step of faith and be baptized into Christ Church.  She was super prepared for baptism, so it was awesome to see her receive the blessing of baptism.

             So one thing that's coming up soon, and just crazy quick it's approaching.  And that's Christmas!  I love Christmas so much and am so grateful for the time we have to remember the great gift Christ is in our lives.  One thing he church has done to celebrate Christ birth is this years christmas initiative called #LightTheWorld.  They made a video and a calendar with service ideas for the 25 days leading up to Christmas.  You can find these awesome things at Mormon.org.  I would invite everyone to go check it out and find ways to serve others this Christmas season and just #LightTheWorld  

             Final news is this week is transfers and elder Barnes is being transferred out.  And I'm getting a new companion.  Like really new, I will be training a new missionary starting this week.  So that is awesome, I'm nervous because it's a big responsibility.  I'm going teach ''tis missionary how to be a missionary, I just hope I do good.  But it will be a good experience!

Well that's all for now, hope y'all have a great week!!!!!

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