Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Week 62: December 5, 2016

Ahhhhhhh Happy Happy Monday everyone!

        This time of year is just incredible, Christmas is just a few short weeks away, the spirit of service and love is in the air.  So I'm so excited for this time of year and so excited to continue to see the miracles come.  

         So on to more with this week, here's one incredible miracle that we saw.  We have this one investigator Jeffery.  His mother is a member but he isn't.  So we had taught him a little bit but not too much.  He wasn't showing any interest until recently.  We shared the awesome message about the restoration of the gospel.  He loved it and asked question after question and was really understanding.  Then Elder Wilson invited him to baptism and he said he really wanted to.  And he said he wanted to wait till February but we are super excited for him.  He is so awesome and so ready for the gospel!!!!  So can't wait to see him continue.

         Other news my companion is awesome, elder Wilson is awesome!  He is from a small town around Idaho falls, that's where my last companion was from.  But it's great we are getting along super well and working hard.  Since he has been here we have seen so many awesome  miracles and I know that God is leading us to ose who are ready to receive this gospel!

         On to another subject this past week there was a devotional by John Bytheway.  For those of you who don't know who he is, he is a member of our church who has written many many different talks and books and it is super funny and yes his last name is Bytheway.  So our whole mission made a choir where we sang infant holy, it was so awesome.  The spirit was so skrong and it was a super awesome and funny devotional!  I would highly encourage y'all to go check out his stuff if you haven't heard it before.

Well that's all for now, hope y'all have a great week.  But most of all I hope y'all know that I know that this gospel is true.  Is is so true and has blessed my life so much!

Love y'all,

Me and John Bytheway
Merry Christmas from the fort Caroline elders!
Elder willets is up front, then from left to right is me, Elder Wilson, and Elder Dusenberry
Ghetto Christmas tree we made, it is awesome!
Elder Wilson and I serving on dec 1st!

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