Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Week 68, I think I was behind on weeks: January 2, 2017

Happy happy Monday!!!!

          This past week has been awesome!!!  But first off I just want to say that I feel bad because I haven't emailed y'all since last year.....ahhhh I love that joke too too much and need to stop using it.  Anyways I cant believe how quickly time has gone by so so so so so so so so so so so quick!  I don't know if I like that, time goes by quickly.  But I guess life just goes like that.

          So with it being New Years we weren't supposed to be outside after 7pm, so we don't get shot by fireworks.  So we were at a members house and we played some games with them and had an awesome dinner.  So New Years was awesome beside the fact that I couldn't fall asleep until like 1am because of all of he fireworks.  But hey that's what happens on the New Years.

          But the rest of the week was full of many many many different miracles.  We found a couple new families, one was a part member family we knocked into was super awesome.  They were super excited for us to come back and want to hear more about the gospel.  It is incredible to see God lead us to so many of his children who are ready to receive the gospel!

         Well I hope y'all have a great first week of the year, have fun!
Photo of the Atlantic Ocean
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