Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Week 63: December 12, 2016

Happy happy happy Monday,

           This past week has been awesome, it has been so great!  Elder Wilson and I have seen so many miracles.  We have met so many great people, two of which set baptismal dates!  We are so excited to see them continue to progress in the gospel!!!

           In other news I have to report that the weather right now is amazing.  We have had to wear sweaters most the time because it is cold!  Ah it has been great.  I love the weather right now.  So I know I did bad in my email last week and I will do just as bad this week but I have a lot of photos.  And a photo is worth a thousand words right?!?  So here are a ton.
Me and one of my past companions Elder Bangerter.
Doesn't look great but there are these neighborhoods in our area that do crazy Christmas lights.
Elder Wilson and I in front of the St. John's river
All the missionaries I came with, we saw each other at the mission party.


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