Monday, March 13, 2017

Week 78: March 13, 2017

Happy Happy Monday!

          What a week, this past week was amazing.  Sister Renier got baptized and confirmed this past week and it was an amazing service.  Plus we had two investigators there that are preparing for baptism in may.  They are awesome, they are two young boys about 11 and 12 years old.  They are super exited to learn more and came to church on Sunday!  Their mom is kinda interested but really busy so we meet with her boys more than her.  Hopfully she will gain a stronger desire soon.  But they are great!  So that went really well, our finding went well this past week.  We found 4 new investigators and lots of potentials for follow up with for this next week.  So that will be great!

           Also the weather has calmed down this past weekend to a nice cool temperature.  That has been nice to see.  Because I'm afraid that the summer is going to be really hot.  But I will endure, I've done one already, so hopefully I can do another.  I'm sure I can ☀🔥☀🔥☀

            So today I'm up in Brunswick Georgia for today and so I'm running out of time because we have to drive back to Kingsland.  But just know that I know that God loves us, and that he cares for us.  I see it every day in my life as he leads me along the path.  But I hope y'all have a great week!!!

Sister Renier's Baptism was this last Saturday.

Me and Leroy, he is an awesome dog

Week 77: March 6, 2017

Happy happy Monday, and oh man what a week it has been!

         Anyways life up here in Kingsland Georgia is amazing, I love it here so much.  It does have a kinda small town feel but it is great.  I love it a ton, plus there are so many nice people.  His past week we had the opportunity to meet so many new people who are interested in learning more about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.  I'm so grateful for all the opportunities to share the gospel.  There was many awesome experiences but here is one of them.  Yesterday we tried to see a member of our church, but she was busy cooking dinner.  So we decided to meet a couple of our neighbors.  We felt like we should cross the street, the man we knocked into was going through a lot of trials and didn't know if he could trust God anymore.  He said he hasn't felt Gods love in a very long time.  We testified that God does love him and that God wants him to be happy.  We then shared the message of he restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  After he said he felt better and said a prayer at the end.  It was so powerful, in the prayer he asked to be loved as he try's his best to come closer to God.  And after the prayer he said he felt good and better.  He is amazing and we are going back to see him in a few days.

         But anyways there was one more thing I wanted to mention.  This past week a leader of the church mentioned how a study that he did all about the savior.  He read all 2200+ scripture references about Christ.  And he said that he gained a stronger testimony of the savior.  He is a leader of the church and already had a super strong testimony of the savior, and this study increased it.  Why wouldn't we want to do it as well?!?  So I started the study a couple days ago, and I'm happy to say that I do feel that my testimony of Jesus Christ has increased.  I feel more of his love and spirit.  So I would encourage y'all to try it as well, you can find our more about it on  so try it out.  

Anyways hope y'all have a great week, love y'all!


All the missionaries in the Kingsland Zone

Me and a member's dog named Domino

Week 76: February 27, 2017

Anyways onto the week, this week has been amazing!!!!  Kingsland is so great, little town feel.  Like it is small, but I love it here so much.  I'm here with Elder Berg, he is from Elizabeth Colorado.  He is really awesome and we are getting along really well!

         One really awesome thing is I have met quite a few people here in Kingsland that have lived in Tacoma, or near Tacoma.  Because there are only 2 nuclear sub bases in the country to my knowledge (let me know if I'm wrong). One is here in Kingsland area the other is up near Seattle.  So that has been really awesome.  I've meet people who went to Mt. Tacoma high school, Franklin Pierce, and some others.  So that has been super cool! 

         So here is a miracle from this past week that I thought I'd share.  One miracles I want to share is of the power of the priesthood.  We have an investigator, Sister Renier, who is preparing for baptism on the 11th of march.  She had given up smoking and has been off for over a week, but was struggling with coffee.  We talked about it with her, she had about 1 1/2 weeks worth left.  We talked about blessings and she wanted one.  So we told her to follow any prompting she that she would receive.  So we blessed her, right after the blessing she said she felt good, really good.  She got up grabbed her coffee mix walked to the trash and dumped it all in there!  Is was so amazing, after she did she said that she felt cleaner and really felt the spirit!  She is so amazing!

Anyways hope y'all have a great week and talk to y'all later!!!


Last district meeting in fort Caroline

Elder Wilson and I on our last day working together.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Week 75: February 20, 2017

Happy happy Monday everyone!!!  

          Ah, so this week was great.  But before I get into we have a transfer update, I am transferred up to Kingsland Georgia!  I'm super excited to go there, I haven't served in Georgia before so it will be a fun experience.  So there's that little update!

           But onto the week, this past week has been really fun and really fast.  It is crazy to think how fast time goes.  I have been in this area for 6 months now and it doesn't feel like I have.   But that's beside the point, anyways onto more important things!

           This past week has been really productive, we have knocked into and talked to lots of new people we call potential investigators.  That just means someone we haven't taught more than once who could become someone who is investigating the church.  So hat has been really awesome, there was one guy we met yesterday who was watching a movie so he asked if we could come back in a half hour.  And so we did and we were able to share the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ with him.  He was super nice and liked the idea of a modern day prophet and the Book of Mormon.  He was really nice and is happy to have us come back, and he wants to make us dinner which is a plus.  And it was great because we had many similar experiences to that one this week (beside the part of feeding us dinner, he was the only one). So it has been a really great week.

           So the past couple weeks I have been thinking a lot about the importance of church.  I have come to realize how much I need it in my life.  It isn't just the uplifting message, or the felloshiping, or the spirit.  But it is really all about the sacrament.  The sacrament is the most important reasons we go to church, it is the way we remember our savior Jesus Christ sacrifice.  Because we take the sacrament weekly we renew our baptismal covenants and can have the spirit with us more.  I'm so grateful for that opportunity we have to do that weekly.  Because of the sacrament I am able to make it through the week with Jesus Christ always on my mind and the spirit stronger.  I love my savior.

Well I hope y'all have a great week, talk to y'all later.

My best friends from the MTC
Mission Leadership Council this past week.
We got Starwars Pez from a member for Valentine's Day.

Week 74: February 13, 2017

Happy Monday, 

           Today is officially named Ingrown Toenail Awareness Day....mainly because i have one right now....and I'm going to the doctors soon after I send this email.  So that will take some of our free time today but that's ok because hopefully the pain goes away. So there is update number one.

            Besides that life is amazing, the weather here right now is perfect.  Nice warm and not ridiculously hot.  I like the weather right now, today is mid 70's and clear skies, what more can we ask for.  

         But onto this week, Here's one quick miracle, we were at the St Johns town center the outdoor mall handing out cards and talking to people.  For some reason we brought a My Family pamphlet, we were walking up to a guy sitting on a bench and we felt prompted to give the pamphlet to him.  We came to find out that he has a family reunion coming up soon and that the pamphlet would come in handy.  Then we were able to share e message of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ with him, he loved it and was super excited to read from the Book of Mormon and said yes to baptismt!!!!  It was an awesome experience to see God lead us to that man, we can't wait to see him progress.

         Anyways I hope y'all have a great week, and just always remember that I know that this gospel is true.  And that Jesus Christ is my savior.  I love him and am so grateful for him and for our Heavenly Father sending him.

Have a great week!


Week 73: February 6, 2017

Happy Monday February 6th!!!!

           I don't know what's special about today, it might be nothing but for missionaries all around the world it is P-Day!!!!  Hopefully today's email is decent, we are lazartagging today.   But to start off I hope y'all have had a great week.  Ours has been crazy busy but awesome!!!  I feel like last Monday was just yesterday, but it wasn't.  Anyways enough jabbering and onto the email.

           This past week has been awesome, we have put a big emphasis on finding new and more people to teach and share the gospel with.  It has been awesome to see the lord lead us to those who are ready to receive the gospel of Jesus Christ.  It is amazing to see the gospel change people's lives,  one of our investigators has really seen the change in his life as he has read from the scriptures.  We have encouraged him to read from the Book of Mormon daily and it has really helped him as he has done so.  

          As missionaries we have a new schedule and it has really helped.  We now can get a little bit more sleep and we have more flexibility in our schedule.  So that has been exciting.

Anyways, hope y'all have a great week!


Week 72: January 30, 2017

Happy happy Monday,

          Ahhhh what a week, so many miracles happening left and right.  One great miracles is our investigator Jeffery has been making some great progress.  He came to church yesterday and loved it.  He loved what he learned and wants to continue to learn and grow.  He is doing so great, and I can't wait to continue to see him grow.  So more news on him coming up here in the future weeks!  

          So onto other things we had a special world wide missionary broadcast this last week and it was awesome!  I learned so much about how to be a better missionary.  One hint I have been realizing more recently is the importance of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Making sure that our investigators and members are always growing in faith in Jesus Christ, becoming better through repentance, make promises with god through things like baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end.  This gospel of Jesus Christ is amazing and has truly blessed my life,  I continue to stand in awe at the love Jesus has for me and for all of us.  

Well I hope y'all have a great week, love y'all!!!


Mission Leadership Council