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Week 59: November 13, 2016

Some missionaries I came out with
Happy Happy Monday!!!!!

       This past week has been incredible!  So many awesome experiences and miracles, so hopefully I will be able to share some of them in this email.  First report is the weather, I have to give updates each week.  This weeks update is it cold!  Crazy but yes, in the morning and night it's cold.  I have had to wear a sweater a couple times now.  One night we were out biking at about 8pm and it was 52 degrees outside with wind.  So it was cold.  Maybe not for y'all but I have kinda acclimated to Florida heat.  But it has been a nice change!  And it changed really quick.

         On another note this past week we had so many meetings as a mission.  We had a mission tour, which means we had a general authority visit us.  A general authority is one of the church leaders, I.e the quorum of the twelve, and quorum of the 70.  We had Elder Gavarett of the 70 visit us.  He is awesome and we learned a lot from him.  One thing that I have been thinking about recently is blessings from God.  And trying to recognize it.  One thing that Elder Gavarett brought up was in the book of judges chapter 7.  His is he story of Gideon, he was about to go to battle with his 32,000 men.  God told him that he had too many men, so he slimmed down to 10,000.  Then God again said he had too many.  He ended up with only 300 men against who knows how many.  But because of the little numbers when they won they knew that had won not by their own strength but with Gods power with them.  It has made me realize that we have these hard trials and tests in life.  But the reason they are hard is so that when we overcome it we can recognize that God has helped us.  And that we can't do it with out him.  This is how I have grown in faith and trust in God.  As we have faith in him we can have the steadfast assurance that he will support us.  I know this is true, and I know that God loves all of us and wants to help us.

          So I can't really remember much more of the week.  We did meet a lot of new people this past week but we have just been so busy going around visiting people.  We did meet this new guy who is really awesome, he is Muslim which is new for me to teach.  But he is super kinda and just let us right in and said that he wants to learn about our beliefs.  It was super awesome and we hope to help teach him more about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

So that's all for now, hope y'all have a great rest of you day and have a great week!!!
Washing dishes after volunteering at USO

Missionaries in east Jacksonville and Elder Gaverett   

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