Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Week 75: February 20, 2017

Happy happy Monday everyone!!!  

          Ah, so this week was great.  But before I get into we have a transfer update, I am transferred up to Kingsland Georgia!  I'm super excited to go there, I haven't served in Georgia before so it will be a fun experience.  So there's that little update!

           But onto the week, this past week has been really fun and really fast.  It is crazy to think how fast time goes.  I have been in this area for 6 months now and it doesn't feel like I have.   But that's beside the point, anyways onto more important things!

           This past week has been really productive, we have knocked into and talked to lots of new people we call potential investigators.  That just means someone we haven't taught more than once who could become someone who is investigating the church.  So hat has been really awesome, there was one guy we met yesterday who was watching a movie so he asked if we could come back in a half hour.  And so we did and we were able to share the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ with him.  He was super nice and liked the idea of a modern day prophet and the Book of Mormon.  He was really nice and is happy to have us come back, and he wants to make us dinner which is a plus.  And it was great because we had many similar experiences to that one this week (beside the part of feeding us dinner, he was the only one). So it has been a really great week.

           So the past couple weeks I have been thinking a lot about the importance of church.  I have come to realize how much I need it in my life.  It isn't just the uplifting message, or the felloshiping, or the spirit.  But it is really all about the sacrament.  The sacrament is the most important reasons we go to church, it is the way we remember our savior Jesus Christ sacrifice.  Because we take the sacrament weekly we renew our baptismal covenants and can have the spirit with us more.  I'm so grateful for that opportunity we have to do that weekly.  Because of the sacrament I am able to make it through the week with Jesus Christ always on my mind and the spirit stronger.  I love my savior.

Well I hope y'all have a great week, talk to y'all later.

My best friends from the MTC
Mission Leadership Council this past week.
We got Starwars Pez from a member for Valentine's Day.

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