Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Week 58: November 6, 2016

Happy happy Monday from me to you,

            So it's Monday again somehow, and it's November!  Crazy time flies when your having fun spreading the saving words of Christ. This past week have been incredible and hopefully I will be able to share a good amount of them in this email.

            To start off I have to mention the weather, it is incredible.  Not hot, actually kinda brisk at times.  There has been a nice wind coming off the coast recently and it has made the weather really nice.  Then there is day light saving, nice instant gratification by getting an extra hour of sleep.  But it was not lasting joy, now its dark at 6 and people are a little more less nice when we knock on there door and it's pitch black.  So that will be fun the months to come.

           Also so here's an awesome miracle from this past week.  So we went to follow up with a lady named Joyce at we met about 3 weeks ago.  When we showed up she immediately asked what the word was for today.  So we began to share the restoration with her.  How Christ has called another prophet to the earth, how he has brought back the authority to baptize.  When we shared these things with her she was in awe.  She said that no other religion has taught her something new, and something that felt right.  She was so excited to be able to read from the Book of Mormon.  She truly was prepared to receive this message and to learn about it.  I just can't wait to see the gospel continue to change her and to see her grow and get closer to God.

          Another thing we were able to do this week was service.  We helped someone move in.  That was awesome, plus they made us really good barbecue ribs and chicken.  Ahh so good, I love good barbecue.  Then we did habitat for humanity, we help the, build houses so that's awesome.  Plus the workers there know us really well and we got habitat tshirts this last week so we are super excited to wear them in the future as we go.  I'll send photos of it in the future.

          So here's my big aha moment from this past week, I was pondering the word joy.  President Nelson of the quorum of the twelve gave a talk about a month ago about joy.  As I have read it and studied it I had a thought come to mind.  In the world now society has deemed joy as being instant gratification.  That's why when people sin and break commandments of God they think they are happy but that happiness doesn't last.  But when we keep the commandments and do the will of God it can bring happiness to us for eternity.  I know this is a true principle.  I'm so grateful for this wonderful gospel and the ability to to feel joy.  It might not be the "hip" and "trendy" thing to do, but I know god blesses those who follow him.  As we keep our standards high and do his will we can keep our head held high and have eternal joy.

Well that's all for now, hope y'all have a great week!

Elder Guinup 


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