Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Week 37: May 30, 2016

Heyyyyyyyy howwwwws it going y'all,

      This has been a week full of miracles, this past Sunday we had 5 less active members come to church.  It was really amazing to see their face become more happy as they are filled with the spirit at church.  I'm so happy to see them change and come unto the gospel.  Ahh so amazing!!!!

         So this week we did a lot of biking because we are running out of our allotted miles for the month.  So it is good because I am starting to lose some of the weight that I have gained.  So I'm kinda excited but at the same time it is hard because it is getting hot, and more rain.  So we shall see how that goes.

     I want to put this quote from a leader of the church,
Few men on earth,” said Elder Bruce R. McConkie, “either in or out of the Church, have caught the vision of what the Book of Mormon is all about. Few are they among men who know the part it has played and will yet play in preparing the way for the coming of Him of whom it is a new witness. … The Book of Mormon shall so affect men that the whole earth and all its peoples will have been influenced and governed by it. … There is no greater issue ever to confront mankind in modern times than this: Is the Book of Mormon the mind and will and voice of God to all men?” I testify that it is!!
What a blessing it is to have this wonderful book. May we take greater measures to teach and testify of it to these wonderful people we love so they too can stand the tests of faith in their lives. 

        I also testify that is true, I love y'all and miss y'all, have a great week.
         ~Elder Guinup~
Florida Jacksonville Mission

Week 36: May 23, 2016

Happy Monday!!!!!

       This is going to be a quick email but I  just wanted to let y'all know that I'm having a blast down here in Ocala.  We are seeing. Lot of wonderful miracles and seeing a lot of people have a desire to learn more about the gospel.  But on top of finding amazing people the weather has been weird.  There has been a lot of rain storms this week.  So I have been constantly wet his week, either from biking in the rain or sweating from the very hot heat.  Oh ya it has been fun.

        So the other things that have happened we had an amazing zone conference.  We had wonderful talks and trainings.  One of my favorite was all about the scripture in the Book of Mormon.  The book of Alana chapter 5.  It talks all about how the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I really love this chapter and I would like to invite y'all to read it.  If you don't have a Book of Mormon you can get one for free at Mormon.org.  But seriously read it it is amazing!!!!!

So I am about out of time so I want to leave you with my love and that I hope y'all had an amazing week.  I know my letters have been short.  I miss y'all and hope y'all have a great one!!!

         ~Elder Guinup~
Florida Jacksonville Mission

Week 35: May 15, 2016

Heeey ohhhhh,

        This week has been incredible, we were able to find 9 new people this week who want to learn more about the gospel.  It has really been rewarding to be able to see the gospel change people.  I love to just see their facial expressions change as they listen to the gospel. Ahhhh I love this gospel so much and it has changed my life so much.  

         So I apologize but my email this week will be short, I am really tired right now and can't think.  We did a lot of biking this week.  And I mean a lot, and it is getting so hot.  Summer is slowly approaching.  The other day it felt like I stepped out into a furnace.  It was crazy and I started to sweat so much.  But oh man is is summer going to be fun, I'm not used to heat so we will see how this goes,  wish me luck!

    Well I'm going to have to end my email now but I wanted to leave y'all with a quote, one of my most favorite.  Well I guess it isn't a quote but more so a saying.
Communication is
8% words
57% facial expressions 
35% gestures

I just love how the gospel has made me so happy and so my communication has become better with people.

I miss y'all a ton and hope y'all have a great week!

         ~Elder Guinup~
Florida Jacksonville Mission

Week 34: May 9, 2016

Good afternoon y'all, 

          This week has been a crazy blur of amazing miracles, before I go into it I'll give y'all a quick update on life her in Ocala Florida.  I got a new companion this last week, his name is elder Bladen.  He's from Utah, go figure...and has been out on his mission for about 20 months.  So he goes home soon, but one thing is he is amazing.  I have been learning so much from him in the little time we have been around each other.  And so far have had some great experiences.  

          Another thing is I got to Skype my family yesterday!!!  It was really amazing, and for those of y'all who don't know as missionaries we are able to email every Monday to friends and family.  And then twice a year we get to Skype our family, usually on Christmas and Mother's Day.  So it was really awesome to see them and be able to talk to them for a little while, and it made me realize even more why I'm out on my mission.  I'm out here because I have seen first hand what the gospel of Jesus Christ has done for my family and I.  And now I'm out here sharing this wonderful message with others, and it hits home to know that I can live with my family and father in heaven for all time and eternity because of the gospel.  And to be able to see this change occur in other people's lives is a great blessing for me.

           But I guess the big thing I wanted to talk about in this letter is about the amazing miracles we have been blessed with.  So first off as a mission we are calling may, mighty miracle may.  Because when we expect miracles and do everything in our power to keep the commandments and follow God he will bless us.  The miracles that we see might not be big or the ones that we want to see, but they are the ones that God has in store for us.  I am really grateful for our Heavenly Father and his plan for us.

I love y'all and miss y'all, have a great week.

         ~Elder Guinup~
Florida Jacksonville Mission 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Week 33: May 2, 2016

Good morning, afternoon, evening, or night.  When ever your reading this,

            This week really has been wonderful, many really successful opportunities to serve people.  So that means we did a lot of service this week, around 20 hours.  Now because of that I'm super tired but it was also very rewarding.  It is interesting But it was good, we did 3 moves this week, worked out on 2 ranches, and helped at the March for babies event early in the morning.  So a lot of awesome opportunities to serve and show others the love and light of Christ.  It was funny though when we were at the March for babies there was a sonic tent set up giving out free power aid to people.  And we had the idea to ask if we could take some to all the volunteers parking cars.  They let us and we did several trips, after the main guy said wow y'all are hard workers, and then proceeded to give us job applications.  It really was a blessing to see others recognize the service, and then we were able to explain to them why we do service and it was wonderful.  Oh one more thing from the March for babies.  So there were a lot of food tents set up for the participants to go get lunch,  they each had one lunch ticket and so our job was to help the booths by collecting the tickets.  One elder and I went to help the Panda Express and we were able to have some great conversations with the workers.  But best of all was the mascot.  They had a panda mascot to get people to come over to their tent, and I got to wear it.  Oh ya I wore a panda mascot costume, it was very hot but totally worth it.  

         On top of this, the week was pretty good.  We have had some wonderful lessons with people investigating the church.  One of them is doing really well, he loves the Book of Mormon and has been reading it daily.  We hope to set a baptismal date with him.  So I'm super excited for this week.  On top of that his week my companion elder bore is going home so I am getting a new companion.  His name is elder Bladen.  All I know about him is he has been on his mission for a while and is a great elder.  So I'm super excited to be his companion, more to come next week.  

       Oh also I'm so excited that I get to talk to my family This next Sunday.  Aghhhhhhh it is going to be great!

      One thing we have been talking about in the mission as of recently we initiated mighty miracle may.  We can expect miracles when we do everything in our power to do the work of God.  As we strive to be like our savior we will see many miracles in our life.  I'm so excited to see what God has in store for us this month.  Love y'all and talk to y'all next week.

         ~Elder Guinup~
Florida Jacksonville Mission
Panda Missionary

I got to see my "Dad" Elder Mann- the missionary who trained me.

Week 32: April 25, 2016

Good afternoon y'all,

       I hope all of y'all have had a great week, for me it has definitely been a crazy fast one.  It actually feels like It was Monday just yesterday.  But oh well, I'm really excited though because I get to skype my family in 2 weeks.  I'm so excited and can't wait for that day.

      So here is for the highlights of the week, the first one was we knocked into this lady who had just moved from Utah center of all Mormons.  And she isn't a member, she had just moved into the area a week ago and was really happy to see that there are missionaries down in Florida.  Hopefully we should be seeing some progress from her soon.

     Oh so we do service at a members ranch every other week.  And so this past week we sprayed cactus with a diesel/weed killer mix.   That was a ton of fun, as well as we moved a lot of wood and it was a ton of fun.  But the best part was we walked down to the creek and we. Saw. Real. Gators!  It was crazy and kinda scary to see.  But it was a ton of fun.

       Last but not least this week is going to be interesting because This week is the transfer call, so I'm going to find out who my new companion is because elder bore finishes his mission this next week.  I'm sad to see him go but I'm excited to see who my next companion is.  And most of all I hope I stay here in Ocala because I love it here so much.

     I hope y'all have a great week and stay safe, love and miss y'all.

         ~Elder Guinup~
Florida Jacksonville Mission
I made this "workout bench" from household items.