Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Week 70: January 16, 2017

Happy happy Monday from me to you,

          I just wanted to start by wishing everybody a happy week.  This past week was awesome, lots of Miracles and great learning experiences.  But I hope y'all had a great week as well and were able to feel God's love for y'all each day.

          This week we had lots of great opportunities to share the gospel.  One hard thing right now is how early the sun goes down.  It is dark by about 6pm and we work till 9pm.  And for some reason people like to go to sleep as soon as the sun goes down.  So occasionally we have people that get mad at us for knocking on their door at 7.  But hey that's life, it's kinda funny sometimes and then it's sad the other half because their mad at a message all about peace hope and love from Christ.  But even during the hard times I love my mission.

         This week we have had a great opportunity to serve many different people, it is amazing to be able to share the light of Christ with others who could really use it.  Even if the service might not be fun it is always fulfilling to serve others as Christ would.  That is one big thing I have learned on my mission.  Service is amazing, I'm so grateful for all the opportunities I have to serve others and I would strongly encourage all of y'all to find ways to serve your fellow brothers and sisters in this world. 

         Well that's all for now hope y'all have a fantastic week!


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